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A petition that is the first step to getting the laws changed because we need to be able to protect ourselves and family with out being jailed, when the law enforcement ignores the problem, and waits for someone to be seriously hurt or killed before they act....

Right to protect one's self and family

Target: Rick Boucher, Congressman, US House of Representatives
Sponsor: Christine Schaffner
People should be allowed to do what is reasonable to protect themselves and thier family. Too often, when someone does do such, they face jail time instead of the person who was harming them in the first place.Imagine how you would feel, if you had to go to the furthest part of your peoperty and let the intruder do as they please. Then you are told, that if you raise one hand in self defense against the attacker, then you'd be the one in jail.

Right to protect one's self and family

This country was founded by people who were willing to take a stand and face the issues that interfered with thier ability to protect thier families. Why is it then, now, people are afraid to protect themselves, because too often the criminals get off scott- free, and the victims are painted out to be the criminal.
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Sunday, December 11, 2005

If you can help in anyway it would be a miracle for this family. Repost this as much and everywhere you can think of if is all you can do. It is appreciated.

My stepdaughter needs your help..Was scammed by a man who was thought to be a friend and sent money orders to help family out and pay lawyers fees from a custody matter. The money orders was counterfited (totalling 4625 in 5 money orders) and now we stand lose everything else and lose our baby....Was told by Lee County Sheriff's dept and lawyers have to clear our names then go after the ones that sent them to my home. My husband and I are both unable to work and get a small check but that does not go far and now we have to come up with 4550.00 now since a 75.00 check was sent in by a local church. There is at least 12 federal charges being faced they say. They M-O's was used to get fees paid and buy our lil girl clothes and food because she is a chronice asthmatic. We would never do this if not dire need, and one person helping to repost much and serve as contact when I am not on-line. I know that with out help we will lose my step-daughter and then life is over for us both because fought to hard for them to be together and because of me trusting some one this now is happening.. If you think this is a scam pls contact the Lee County Sheriff's Dept and speak to a Office Ellis he is a detective @ 276-346-7777.
Sincerly Jasslynn

Repost this if you have a heart that loves children. I know most every one does have a heart towards those sweet and loving children.

There is a Little girl fixing to lose her family right now and needs them greatly to avoid being placed into state care or worse with a very abusive person. The family needs to find 1000 people that would give from their heart a gift of $4.65. If a thousand people can be found that will give this small amount then a little girl will not have to suffer lose of her familyespecialy since it is around the holidays and why should any child be torn from those she loves. She is in dire need of help as is her family. Pls give anything you can to help and no this is no scam, You have my word on it. Her family is going to be taken away from her because of a scam artist and should not be punished for that. Pls show a lil love towards a child. After all is not better to give as the Good Samaritian did. Then to recieve gold or praise of men.

For more information contact Jasslynn
Rt 2 Box 631
Pennington Gap
Va, 24277
or by phone @ 276-546-6936
For more information pls contact her

Thanks to everyone whom REPOSTED this if it can get to a few that help it is very worth it...Your help and reposting is needed. This is no joke. This lil girl is subject to losing her family and everything she loves and knows. If just a thousand people would send $4.65 cents then her holidays will be very much brighter and happier. If seeing her picture or knowing her is what you are wanting then I am sorry her privacy is being respected very much in this matter and I know my friends understand that. Just know if you have reposted this pls keep it going untill the mark is meet of a thousand people sending 4.65 each to her family to help. I usually don't do this but is of the gravest importants so that a lil child will not lose hope and faith.

To repost this pls press the reply to button and copy the whole thing and then click on bulletin and paste there. To copy right click and copy and to paste right click and paste thank you so very much.
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Click the picture above to contact Jasslynn Directly

Click on reply and then copy the html from top to bottom and then paste it into a New bulletin..Pls copy everything there...Alot of my friends have been saying they do not know how to help....Simple just keep this going and maybe some one will see it then and help......Pls my friends I am asking for this to be reposted if nothing else as often as you can


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